Candace McNamara, President
Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers, Inc.
PO Box 98
Flora, MS 39071




Ref/Convention Services Recommendation


“I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the services provided by Staples Expo. For the past 27 years I have worked closely with Staples Expo who provided us with numerous services including set-up and tear-down for trade shows promoted by us. Never has he failed me, and he has always been timely, making him a reliable partner for our shows.

My first engagement with Staples Expo was in Franklin, NC, 27 years ago. He began with our company by supplying tables and pegboards used for displays. His willingness to step up and work with our company and our show clients with his forever cheerful attitude to solve issues has kept us in a very long term relationship. We now use Staples Expo to fully decorate and set-up 2 shows in Orlando; 2 shows in Minneapolis; 1 show in Lakeland and 3 shows in Livonia. He also supplies equipment at some of our other shows. The feedback is always positive and our clients enjoy working with him for their equipment needs.

I would recommend Staples Expo for your convention/show decoration and show equipment needs. I have had a good experience with him over the past numerous years for the services he has rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend his services.

Yours Sincerely,”
~ Candace McNamara, President

Paul T. Troxell
Procurement Manager
Society for Neuroscience




Ref/Convention Services Recommendation


“I have had the good fortune to witness Staples Expo’s customer service from two different perspectives.

Over the five years working as a subcontractor to the decorator servicing SfN’s annual meeting, Staples Expo consistently communicated with us to ensure the setup exceeded our expectations. They took the initiative to resolve any issues and performed small tasks which enhanced the functionality of the show.

As the decorator for one of their larger shows, I was equally impressed to see Staples Expo provide the same care on an even larger scale. From setup to tear down, Staples Expo made sure every exhibitor was happy with their booth setup. The equipment, tables, drape and pipes were all in exceptional condition, which is important given how forward facing they are.

Staples Expo is an excellent choice, regardless of the size of the event. Staples Expo will provide the services and excellent customer care needed to ensure your event is a great success.”

~ Paul T. Troxell, Procurement Manager Society for Neuroscience

Terry Welker, Owner
Eternal Tattoos Inc. /Eternal Ink Inc.




Ref/Staples Expo


“This letter is to recommend Staples Expo to anyone looking to have any type of trade shows, conventions, etc. setup with booths, showcases, and pipe and drape. Staples Expo has been my go to guy for the last 14 years, to set up my tattoo Conventions, in Detroit, (Renaissance Center) Dallas Texas, and Washington DC.

Staples Expo comes in and does everything needed from start to finish, setting up my complete show. Staples Expo oversees my tables being laid out, power to each booth, and setting up the pipe and drape to each booth. Pipe and drape is always in great shape and clean.

Staples Expo makes it a point to work with the staff at all the locations he has worked for me at and I have always received great feedback from the GMs at the venues I have my events at that Staples Expo has always been a pleasure to work with.

I would recommend Staples Expo to anyone looking for a reliable, accountable person to take care of their business as well as he takes care of his own.

~ Terry Welker, Owner Eternal Tattoos Inc. /Eternal Ink Inc.